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Hair extensions can give you that instant length, volume and color. When applied correctly your hair extensions can look glamorous and natural. Using the best quality in 100% human hair extensions that matches your natural hair color and texture enhances your hairstyle. Be sure to find a salon that specializes in the hair extension technique that you are interested in. Not all techniques work for every one. We recommend that you should consult with an experienced stylist to determine the best technique for you. We work closely with a variety of reputable stylist and are always glad to refer our customers to stylist and braiders that have experience working with our hair extensions. Below are some of the more popular techniques for applying human hair extensions.


To maintain your hair extensions in the best possible condition, it is important that you follow these steps on caring for them.

1. Keep your hair clean, accumulation of dirt, sweat and too much hair products can create a build up which can lead your hair extensions to tangle or mat up.

2. Before washing brush or comb through your hair extensions. Wash hair in one direction with shampoo and apply conditioner.

3. Never sleep with wet hair. Make sure your hair is dried completely, either left to air dry or blow- dried. Tie longer length hair in a ponytail or make big braids before going to bed.

4. Brush your hair extensions daily starting from the bottom and work up gradually to the top. If you are wearing a strand-by-strand technique, run your fingers through your hair from time to time to keep the bonds separated.

5. Do not tug or brush your hair harshly as this could weaken the bonds and always hold the hair while brushing to avoid tension on the roots.

6. Always wear a cap when swimming to prevent exposure to chlorine or salt water and wash your hair immediately after swimming.

7. Wet your wavy & curly textures with water, apply some leave-in conditioner towel dry and scrunch to achieve the wave pattern.

8. Do not attempt to color your own hair extensions. Head to a salon for this procedure.

9. Avoid using hair care products containing alcohol.

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