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Human Hair Boutique FAQ'S...

What are hair extensions?
Hair extensions are hair additions used as a quick way to go from short hair to long or from long hair to really long hair. Extensions can add definition, color and length. There are several techniques used to apply hair extensions. We recommend our customers to incredible stylists who have experience with our hair.

Why are hair extensions worn?
The most common reasons for wearing hair extensions are length, volume, or to add some color. Other reasons could be when one is trying to achieve a hairstyle with highlights without putting the highlights in the natural hair. One most significant reason has to do with the popular quote, “A woman’s hair is her crown of glory”. A woman is meant ….

Can you tell where hair extensions have been applied?
Our 100% Human Hair extensions looks like your natural hair because it is real, virgin hair. Extensions are unnoticeable when applied properly and if they blend with the texture and colors of your natural hair. If needed, you can schedule an appointment or send us a sample of your hair or preferred color so our specialists can custom blend your extension to match your natural hair color and texture.

What distinguishes our 100% human hair extensions from other hair products?
At Human Hair Boutique, we manufacture, collect, and weft all of our hair. Our virgin hair is not processed, chemically cleaned, or colored. However our custom hair has been chemically cleaned, texturized and colored to receive different styles.

What amount of hair do I need for my hairstyle?
Normally, one would need 8 ounces for a full head of weave. However, if you are in need of 22 inches and up, we suggest you get 10-12 ounces for a full head. The length of the hair picks up the weight. So the longer that the hair is, the thinner it will be.

What do the terms "bulk" and "weft" mean?
Bulk hair is hair that is bought loose and it is not stitched. It comes in a bundle, that is tied at the top and ready to be used for fusion and braiding. Weft hair is hair extensions held together by stitching. This process is done at our store therefore allowing us to modify each order. Weft hair is used for sew-on weaves and clip-on techniques.

How long does your hair last?
Our custom hair will last around 6 months to a year depending on proper care. Our virgin hair will last at least a year and more. See “Techniques & Care” page for more information on how to take proper care of our hair.

Can your hair extensions be colored?
Our custom hair has already been chemically cleaned and colored so we do not recommend adding any more color to it. However, our virgin hair has not gone through any chemical processing and it comes in a natural color, so you are able to color the hair. This can be done at home if you’d like.

Do your hair extensions shed?
Our hair extensions do not shed. We weft the hair ourselves so we guarantee no shedding.

Are you able to ship the hair to me if needed?
Yes. We ship worldwide and we offer next-day shipping. We ship with USPS, UPS, and FedEx.

What is your return policy?
We do not give cash refunds but you can exchange the hair within 7 days of purchase for store credit. The hair, however, should not be cut or colored, removed from weft, processed or altered in any way. Please return the hair in the same condition in which you received it or we'll be unable to exchange the hair for you. 

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